Over the last 5 years, the 1000 Days Fund has experienced unprecedented impact and growth. We now employ a team of 30 and operate across more than 100 sub-districts. In an effort to move from strength to strength, we are formalizing and focusing on scaling impact without losing sight of the mission. 

The 1000 Days trains and equips community health workers (CHWs) with the tools and confidence they need to end stunting in their villages. The multiplier is that we leave behind a functioning village-level health system alongside a model that can be scaled.

Our interventions are cost-effective, evidence-based, and endorsed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, solidifying our position as the go-to organization for training CHWs in Indonesia and beyond.

We are poised for scale.


The 1000 Days Fund was created as a bold approach to invent and test innovative, cost-effective solutions to help end stunting—a condition that affects 1 in 3 Indonesian children. In our quest to improve maternal and newborn health, we partner with governments to build capacity, work closely with communities to deliver tools, train CHWs, and advocate for national and grassroots policy change to address the root causes. With the delivery of stunting reduction tools that can be used at home, dedication to building more effective healthcare systems at the community level, and reaching CHWs in every corner of Indonesia, our growth is cost-effective, evidence-based, and endorsed by leading institutions, including the Indonesian Ministry of Health. 

In the next three years, our next 1,000 days, we have a strategic plan that aims to provide millions of CHWs with skill development that will help them better support women and children across the country with the ultimate goal of eliminating stunting. We are poised for scale and our obsession with marrying tech and traditional in-home behavior change allows us to make data-driven decisions daily. With the help of 17 full-time staff and 12 Quality Assurance Coordinators collecting data across more than 100 sub-districts, we unlock the power of data with interactive dashboards and reports that inspire smarter decisions. Against this backdrop, our in-house team of senior management and health economists undertake systematic & rigorous examination of data to address issues such as return on investment and opportunity costs.



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